A partnership has been announced between NFC smart packaging solutions company, Thinfilm and Prime Vision, a parcel, postal, logistics and airport packaging company. The partnership will see the two companies work together to deliver smart packaging solutions.

The companies will use Thinfilm’s NFC tags, SpeedTap and OpenSense to deal with postal and logistics related needs.

The SpeedTap and OpenSense tags are unique and impossible to forge, leading to increased security. They operate in conjunction with an NFC-enabled smartphone or other device. All information is shared via the cloud and they allow organisations to communicate with consumers to quickly share messages, serial numbers or other information.

Prime Vision CEO Eddy Thans said, “For postal and parcel delivery services, providing confirmation to customers a package has not been tampered with during transport can be a game changer.”

He adds that customers will be able to track all postal information instantly using their smartphone.