Flirtey announces completion of drone deliveries in the USA

Flirtey announces completion of drone deliveries in the USA


Leading drone delivery service, Flirtey has announced they completed 77 drone deliveries in the United States. They are the first company to offer the service.

Flirtey and 7-Eleven collaborated to offer the service, which commenced in July.

A dozen chosen customers were invited to use an app to place their order. The app allows customers to choose from a list of items for delivery. Once the order is received, they will receive notifications during each stage of the delivery process.

The drones are loaded following order placement, and flown autonomously using GPS to locate a customer’s house.

The service takes approximately ten minutes from placement of order to delivery.

100% of customers who trialled the service have said they will continue using it. Those trialling the service included students, working parents and the elderly. They were all impressed with the speed of deliveries.

Flirtey CEO, Matthew Sweeny said, “while other companies in this space are shipping jobs overseas, Flirtey’s goal is to make delivery instant, and in the process create jobs at home for hardworking Americans and veterans.”

Popular items include hot food items, cold beverages and over the counter medicines such as 7-Select Night Time Cold & Flu Relief, 7-Select Headache Relief & Asprin.”

Flirtey and 7-Eleven plan to expand the service in 2017.