UKP Worldwide granted full Authorised Economic Operator status

UKP Worldwide granted full Authorised Economic Operator status


UKP Worldwide has been approved and granted full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, after a thorough and exhaustive audit by HMRC, covering both customs simplifications & security and safety.

AEO status is an internationally recognised accreditation in the global supply chain. It confirms that a business’ systems and processes have been audited by local customs authorities, the international supply chain is secure and that customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. In the UK AEO status is granted to “trusted traders” who have undergone this audit and meet the rigorous conditions outlined by HMRC.

UKP provides international delivery services for eCommerce goods, as well as worldwide postal options publications, direct mail and catalogues.

By being AEO accredited, UKP’s customers can benefit from:

  • Consistent and faster customs clearances at both local and overseas borders for both outbound and returns traffic
  • Permitted access at time of increased border controls
  • A compliant and secure supply chain, protecting people, cargo & information
  • Access to customs simplifications
  • Improved cash flow & increased margin, if participating in any tax & duty suspension programs
  • A compliant record of exports and any subsequent returns